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1. Information we collect
HMI HOTEL GROUP may ask you to provide personal information when you
(1) Check in.
(2) Reserve accommodations, restaurants or other facilities by telephone or other means.
(3) Apply additional services including banquets, wedding  or others.
(4) Request various materials or information.
(5) Sign up for "HMI CLUB Premium Card".
(6) Sign up for a membership organization ran by each hotel.
(7) Reserve accommodations through the online reservation system which each hotel uses independently.
(8) Participate in surveys.
"(9) Are required for other purposes.
(Use purpose will be noticed in advance.)"

2. How we use personal information.
HMI HOTEL GROUP uses your personal information to:
(1) Confirm reservations or applications.
(2) Make contact with you.
(3) Reply for your inquiries.
(4) Send communications to you if you ask.
(5) Identify customers regarding to services provided by hotels.
(6) Conduct surveys on marketing or product development. (Customers will not be identified.)

3. Providing personal information to a third party
We will only share your personal information with a third party for the following cases.
(1) If you have given your consent.
(2) When it is required by law.
(3) In order to protect important benefits such as human life, health or property.
(4) When disclosure is requested by public agency based on relevant laws or ordinances.
(5) When we entrust operations such as processing of personal information data, computer system maintenance or management after taking appropriate measures. 

4. Shared use of personal information
We intend to share the personal information of "HMI CLUB Premium Card" members within all hotels of our group.

5. Protection of personal information
HMI HOTEL GROUP is committed to comply with the Personal Information Protection Law, establish "Privacy Policy" and protect customers' personal information.

6. Regarding Cookie
Third-party vendors including Google display our advertising materials in different internet sites.
Third-party vendors including Google create advertisement based on the previous access information to our website using cookie.
Users may opt-out from Google ads by accessing to disable the use of cookie.
(Users may opt-out from Network Advertising Initiative by accessing to disable the use of cookie by third-party vendors.)
"Opt-out page of Google
"Opt-out page of Network Advertising Initiative

◆Intended personal information
Intended personal information includes all personal data which HMI HOTEL GROUP handles.

◆Compliance with laws and regulations
In dealing with personal information, the officers and all employees will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and any other related laws and regulations.

◆In-house system
With respect to the promoting of personal information protection, we establish a system to protect personal information by appointing responsible managers of all departments.

◆Use of personal information
When using any personal information, we will clarify the purpose and will use such information only within the scope of the purpose of use.

◆Acquisition of personal information
We acquire personal information by legal and fair means.

◆Accuracy assurance
We will take appropriate measures to assure the accuracy of personal information and keep it up to date.

◆Safety assurance
We will take appropriate measures to assure the safety management and protect personal information from unauthorized access, loss, falsification or leakage. 

◆Supervising parties to whom personal information is entrusted
When entrusting personal information to any third party, we will supervise such third parties to strictly manage the safety of personal information.

◆Disclosure or correction of personal information
With regard to reference or correction of your personal information, we will take the appropriate responses in accordance with prescribed procedure.

◆Continuous improvement
We conduct regular audits to protect personal information appropriately, and continue to improve the organizational regulations and structure.

"For any inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, contact us.
We may confirm your identification to the extent necessary for correspondence."

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General Affairs Department,Personal Information
Protection Contact Office
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