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HMI Hotel Group operates a variety of hotels, resorts, ryokans as well as sports and cultural centres around Japan.
We offer pleasant stays with high standard services that are suitable to the travel needs of each guest, be it a business trip, group gathering, family travel or personal leisure.
Whether just for overnight or for a longer stay, the HMI Hotel Group treats the guests with special care to aclimatize them when they're away from home.
Our mission is simply to guarantee comfort and satisfaction to each and every guest.

  1. 1.Hotel Crown Palais (Full- Service Hotels)

    The Hotel Crown Palais is the answer every need ranging from business to pleasure.
    Not only providing lodging accommodations, this contemporary urban hotel features high-class services, offering comfortable guest rooms, restaurant and banquet facilities,bar, wedding reception hall and party area.

    Hotel Crown Palais

  2. 2.Resort Ryokan

    Ryokans are ideal for anyone who would love to see and feel Japanese hospitality pure and simple.
    Their highly refined traditions and services can be truly an enjoyable experience at reasonable prices.
    At hotspring resorts, guests can sample fresh local cuisine and soak in rotenburo open-air baths.


  3. 3.Sea-Park Hotel / Green-Park Hotel (Resort Hotels)

    The Sea-Park Hotel,down at the coast, and the Green-Park Hotel,high on the hills,offer a superior resort atmosphere at reasonable cost.
    Both these resort hotels are equipped with sports and leisure facilities for the guests to fully enjoy their favorite activities.

    Sea-Park Hotel

  4. 4.Hotel Pearl City (City Hotels)

    Its convenient downtown location is ideal for a comfortable stay to business travelers and vacationing families.
    With high-grade guest rooms and services, guests can make the most of this hotel's reasonable price, efficiency and warm hospitality.

    Hotel Pearl City

  5. 5.CRESTON HOTEL(Fashionable and urban, community Hotel)

    It is a community hotel in the city which is in the center of transportation convenience city and where people gather with diverse purposes.
    Widely clean rooms are ideal for comfortable sleeping and relaxing time, making it a popular hotel for your training and seminar guests.


  6. 6.Hotel Wellness (Wellness Japanese Spa)

    For those with health and healing on their minds, the Hotel Wellness is an ideal place to stay.
    Guests can simply wind down and take it easy, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This hotel offers Japanese spa facility where guests can have some personal solitude to fully relax and renew themselves.

    Hotel Wellness

  7. 7.Top Wellness (Sports/Cultural Center)

    Set up to support sporting and cultural activities, Top Wellness offers facilities that enable our guests to pursue popular sports that include swimming, yoga and dance, as well as cultural activities such as lessons in personal computers, English conversation, and flower arrangement.

    Top Wellness